Teaching and Acquiring Higher-Order Thinking Skills Theory and Practice


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This is aims to provide the necessary knowledge, skills, and strategies to both educators and parents to nurture the growth of thinking skills, more importantly the higher-order thinking skills among their student and their children. Everyone is capable of thinking. For this to happen everyone has to be encouraged. Taught, and assisted in acquiring the higher-order thinking skills. This book contains three section: the first, the background, theories, and a review of the teaching of thinking; second, the curriculum, various approaches, strategies, and techniques one need to know to teach and assess the acquisition of thinking; and finally, the role of teachers, student in the teaching and learning of thinking skills and more tools and suggestions. This book has been prepared for prospective and serving teacher in elementary and secondary schools. Besides this, this book may also be used by teacher educators at the teacher education institutions and universities who are involved in the business of preparing teachers and also provide continuous professional development of teacher to teach thinking skills. Parents could benefit from this book in nurturing their children to Acquiring Higher-order Thinking Skills.

Publisher : Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI)

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